With years of experience in process and lean management,
we will optimise your processes quickly and effectively


Process structuring
Together we will define the objectives and strategy for your organisation in the context of strategic and operational process management. In addition, we will assign key figures to your processes, while orienting them to your customer requirements.

Process optimisation
With meaningful and comprehensible analyses we will determine the strategic and operational potential in your processes. Processes will be critically examined in terms of targets and objectives. For the final optimisation of your processes we will then propose concrete improvement measures.

Lean Production & Lean Administration
We do not only focus on production processes. Lean administration is an unavoidable topic in today's competition for customers. Together with you we will continuously improve all relevant processes in your company and thus achieve high cost efficiency and a strengthened market position.

Knowing the problem is more important than finding the solution, because the exact representation of the problem automatically leads to the right solution.

Adrian Krahn

Process management - Process optimisation

Strategic process management

  • Support for the definition of objectives
  • Weighting of strategic objectives
  • Development of a process model supporting the realisation of the strategy
  • Definition of a system of indicators

Operational process management

  • Definition of process performance indicators
  • Installation of a "cockpit" for monitoring process performance indicators
  • Selection of tools for automatic graphic presentation

Process optimisation

  • Analysis of deviations (actual vs target from cockpit)
  • Process analysis and improvement by Lean Six Sigma
  • Value stream design following lean principles
  • Coaching and project support