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Our orientation to a consistent increase in earnings and corporate value calls for the highest possible precision, independence and comprehensive expertise and methodology.

Your excellent curriculum vitae shows us that you have already created a longstanding solid basis. With the special orientation of our commitment, both line managers and consultants from prestigious companies who wish to develop further in process management fit in with us.
You can show us that you are someone who "makes a difference" even under high pressure and sub-optimal conditions.  

In particular the aspiration to increase our corporate values sustainably calls for a constant switching between analytically/conceptually sound approaches and pragmatic implementation commensurate with the respective corporate culture.

Our employees are as different and as individual as our consulting and management services. We find being different and thinking differently fascinating. The constructive interaction with new methods, mindsets and other cultures is part of our business.

So individuell unsere Beratungs- und Mangementleistungen sind, so unterschiedlich sind unsere Mitarbeiter. Anders zu sein und anders zu denken fasziniert uns. Die konstruktive Auseinandersetzung mit neuen Methodiken, Denkweisen und anderen Kulturen ist Teil unseres Geschäftes. 



Show us how you fit in with us

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Ilka Baum, authorised officer / Senior Consultant

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E-Mail: job@optiqum.de