Das Regenbogenland -
Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Düsseldorf e.V.

The Regenbogenland - Children and Youth Hospice Düsseldorf e.V., and its employees do a very valuable job, which we are happy to support with regular donations. Also this year we made a donation for the "rainbow country". We hope to be an example to others with our commitment.
Further current information (and donation opportunities) about the children and youth hospice "Regenbogenland" Düsseldorf e.V. can be found here in the association's current flyer.

OPTIQUM supports social organisations

OPTIQUM contributes to a children's hospice - social commitment lies at the heart of our corporate philosophy.

The OPTIQUM Consultancy actively supports the work of the children's hospice "Regenbogenland" and the "Förderverein Kinderhospiz Düsseldorf e.V." Taking action is an important feature of the corporate philosophy practiced by OQ and is also reflected in the social commitment of the company and its employees.

"We believe that in addition to acting responsibly in business, social commitment is also vitally important", Friedrich Gillet - Managing director of OQ.

"That is why we support social projects that are worthy of support and the important work being performed by the respective centres."

The children's hospice "Regenbogenland" gives children, who only have a limited life expectancy due to an incurable illness or a severe disability, a second home. Life itself and the joy of living are the focus of the hospice work with the children and their families. On the one hand, the organisation offers children concerned the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant family-friendly atmosphere for a short-term stay, on the other hand, it relieves the family and complements home care. Trained staff give these children optimal care and support.

OQ is glad to support this important and responsible work by regular contributions and a membership in the "Förderverein Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Düsseldorf e.V.". In addition, OQ dispenses with company gifts, contributing to the children's hospice instead, to ensure that support and fostering of the children and the centre's work is ongoing and not a one-off.

You can find more information about the children's hospice at: