OPTIQUM - Progress through experience

In this day and age it is more important than ever to keep pace with the requirements of the business world. To safeguard and increase competitiveness, an important management task is to make the right choice at the right time. This is the only way to guarantee sustainable growth.

We set great store by working with our customers on a partnership basis. We use our methodical expertise to find suitable solutions for our customers. We actively support our customers in implementing these in line with continuous improvement.
Our mission is to provide our customer's company with a unique appearance, planning with foresight and leading to long-term profitability. We ensure the implementation of the objectives elaborated together with our customers.

What can we offer you?




OPTIQUM (OQ) offers detailed expertise and great method competence. Our diverse professional experience guarantees you a high degree of competence. Longstanding experience in the topics we support ensures you a high quality of project handling as well as a clear focus on pragmatic and efficient solutions.

OQ pays particular attention to its employees' professional skills, especially as regards our customer's individual challenges and compliance with promised performance and deadlines.

OQ is your experienced and specialised consulting partner for your project situation and for the development and realisation of customised solutions together with you.

Our customer's success is our top priority. We achieve the objectives set thanks to the highest quality standards, standardised project and process management, and the high level of transparency of our consultancy services.

 Environmentally conscious
Thanks to our extensive knowledge of legislation and efficient use of resources our consultancy contributes to environmental protection.

Project situations call for new approaches. QC stands for the ability to consider challenges from unusual perspectives and to invest the necessary ideas and creative thinking in the projects. We support this approach thanks to the continuous further training and development of our employees.

OQ is active for you around the world. Our geographic focuses are Germany, Europe, Asia and India, but in particular where you are at home and need our support.